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This quote from an article written in the Mineralogical Record in 1979 says it all:

"Known as the Garden State, New Jersey ranks among the world's 3 most noted gem and mineral producing regions. More than 200 mineral species have been named and described from a single locality in the state(Franklin-Ogdensburg), and a great variety more from hundreds of other spots around the state. Of these, at least 40 were first identified in NJ, and many of those have never been found anywhere else on earth. These are numbers that cannot be matched anywhere else on the planet. While the Franklin deposit may be considered a mineral mecca for collectors, the state's traprock quarries are of equal interest. The NJ traprock quarries lead the world in minerals found in the cavities in the basalt lava. These zeolite cavities are a never-ending source of excitement to discriminating collectors. NJ was also, for a time, a world leader in the production of iron due to its large deposits of hematite and magnetite, and is currently the world leader in the discovery and production of gem quality amber, and a major source of the lapidary minerals datolite, serpentine, and  prehnite."


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"A Location Guide for Rock Hounds in the United States"

A .pdf file of an entire book full of mineral locations throughout the U.S.  Great listings of NY, NJ and Pa. sites!! You will need Adobe to open this file. Well worth saving into your computer. It is older information, and sometimes, a bit confusing, but it can provide valuable insight into numerous collecting sites across the U.S. If you're really interested, you can print it! All you'll need is a ream of paper and a couple gallons of ink! (the book is 520 pages long!!!)

Part 1 - A thru I

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Part 3 - O thru Z and Appendix

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ONLINE Mineral Museum

John Betts created an online mineral museum that shows some of the best specimens that have ever passed thru his hands. Check it out!!


More web links

MinDat.Org - The most comprehensive and complete Mineral Database on the internet.

The Vug - Your one source for all that is rocks, minerals and gemstones Another great mineral reference website


Join a local Rock &

Mineral Club Today!!

Joining a local mineral club opens the world of rock and mineral collecting up to you in many ways.

-Very inexpensive, usually between $10-20 per year.

-Informative meetings

-Meeting interesting and knowledgeable people

-Club newsletters

-Club members-only field trips, parties and events

-Lectures and discussions

-Rock and mineral shows

-Insurance coverage for club-related field trips

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